Castelli Milano
Castelli Milano is inspired by the uniqueness and the dynamism of Milan, the city where creativity and new trends turn into fashion and design objects. Diaries, Notebooks and further objects are featured by a large choice of colours and materials, giving you a true touch-sensitive experience. #shapeyourthoughts
Cangini Filippi Diaries
Cangini Filippi stands out for its meticulous attention to the quality and the details, to the market needs and to the end-users. Original collections, that combine the colours and the creativities of the coves with the simplicity of the graphic layouts, offering a versatile range of products for either daily use or professional public. Cangini Filippi Brand also offers several calendar versions for every kind of taste and need, suitable to write down events, meetings and dates to remember.
Nazareno Gabrelli Diaries

Nazareno Gabrielli is an historic Brand, established in 1907. Since that time, it has experienced a great success, becoming one of the most prestigious brands among the most important Italian manufacturers of the Fashion accessories Industry. The new diary collection combines the Italian expertise and the most advanced manufacturing processes, offering new options for a younger, professional and high-quality public. Preciousness of leather and contemporary design: the perfect combination of glamour and functionality, a well-balanced fusion of style and elegance.