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CARRARABERGAMO </br> NotebooK ecology
NotebooK ecology

CarraraBergamo is born from an ecological idea.

Ecology, undated diary, 2 days on a page, made of Appeel paper, a mix of residuals of apples and selected vegetable fibres, FSC certified, manufactured by using renewable energy.

Aware of the environmental impact, we renewed our manufacturing processes, by choosing sustainable raw materials and reducing the environmental impact of the product.

CarraraBergamo is Made in Bergamo. Strongly close to our city, we look at the future generations.

CARRARABERGAMO </br> NotebooK ecology
NotebooK legend

Legend is an innovative idea.

We provide a large catalogue of cover materials or, as alternative, you can customise the cover with an image of your choice.

Undated diary, 2 days on a page, made of high quality FSC white paper, made of ecological materials, pleasant to the touch and perfect for writing.

CarraraBergamo is Made in Bergamo.

CARRARABERGAMO </br> NotebooK legend
Cangini Filippi
Cangini Filippi

Cangini filippi stands out for its meticulous attention to the quality and the details, to the market needs and to the end-users.

Original collections, that combine the colours and the creativities of the coves with the simplicity of the graphic layouts, offering a versatile range of products for either daily use or professional public.

Cangini Filippi Brand also offers several calendar versions for every kind of taste and need, suitable to write down events, meetings and dates to remember.

Cangini Filippi